Our Electric Boat

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The Electric E-Stealth









Is your idea of an electric boat just stopping the motor and lowering the trolling motor?

There is definitely more to electric boating than trolling motors. And there are options available smaller than the QE2 and military submarines – yes, believe it or not, the QE2 is electric powered, and most non-nuclear submarines are diesel-electric hybrids that run as pure electrics when submerged.

Electric boat technology has come a long way and the E-Stealth is the perfect platform for it.

Imagine yourself out on a quiet lake, enjoying the tranquility, while still making good headway thanks to the virtually silent electric motor pushing your boat across the water. Imagine boating without trips to the marina for increasingly expensive fuel, without lugging gas cans (and oil) to the boat, without cantankerous, hard-to-start engines, without annual tune-ups.

What’s left? Only the pleasures of boating, without the headaches, and knowing that your fun is better for the environment.

In our electric boat, we have come closer to wildlife on the lake than we ever managed in a canoe, as the splashing of paddles is much noisier than the electric drive.

Not to mention the fact that our boat can get you on lakes where motors are not allowed so that you get the benefit of a boat specifically made for fishing along with an electric motor that can still cruise at 7-10 mph.